• Keep your team on the road

    Always a replacement vehicle when needed. For scheduled maintenance we also already book the client a replacement vehicle, similar to his current lease vehicle. Whenever a client gets a breakdown, the repair & maintenance department drives the replacement vehicle to the site, so the client can continue his journey right away and has as little downtime as possible. No waiting on that towing truck. The repair & maintenance department then takes the vehicle with the breakdown in to the shop. Only refueling costs, if needed, will be charged for the replacement car.

  • Full Service Repair & Maintenance

    With an Avis lease we offer full service Repair & Maintenance. That means no hidden costs. Lease vehicles are expected to be returned in good condition allowing for Normal Wear and Tear. Wear and Tear outside Normal Wear and Tear guidelines could result in Excessive Wear and Tear charges. The motor car must be serviced at intervals of 5,000 km. Normal wear required changes of tires up to one (1) set of 4 tires per year.

  • Real & Honest 24/7 service

    Wherever, whenever! That means that our department is always on standby for our clients. From incidents like locking the keys in the car to an expedition far in the interior, we strive to assist our clients as soon as possible, with a replacement already on hand.

  • Mileage Monitoring

    We track your average mileage for you. In this way we can schedule your regular maintenance in time.

  • Pickup & delivery

    For our lease clients we also have a no charge pickup & delivery service of the vehicle from and to any location, when their vehicle is due for service.

  • Systematic checks

    The customer safety is most important. Our cars undergo mandatory Quality Audits and Spot checks. Every time a vehicle is finished after its service, the mechanic will take the vehicle for a test drive to check if everything is fine. After that, as an second opinion another mechanic will test drive the car again. This is mandatory every service, every time. If requested, a proof of these checks could be given to On top of this the vehicles undergo a spot check, every now and then, by the car rental manager, who will pick vehicles randomly and perform a complete check on exterior, interior and performance.

  • Premier fleet

    Brand-New Car. The option to always drive a brand-new car. Because we have the freedom as a lease company to represent all car brands available on the local market, the client has an almost unlimited choice of options between basic and specialty vehicles of several brands.

  • Manage your Risk

    Hassle Free. All vehicles are completely Casco insured. All Risk

  • Airport Delivery Service

    The option to have your lease car available for your convenient pickup and delivery at the airport.

  • Monthly Cost instead of Capital

    Possibility of using an asset without increasing the company’s debt, leaving possibilities for investing or focusing financial resources for other core business activities.

  • Tax Benefits

    The monthly fee is considered an expense, so there are tax benefits immersed no financial structure changes.

  • Focus on your Core Business

    Smaller and Flexible structures due to a reduction or elimination of activities related to fleet administration.